How Podcast Marketing Can Boost Sales For Your Logistics and Transportation Company

Transportation and logistics companies operate in a stressful yet uncertain period of history. Competition is high among the saturated market, meaning newcomers to the space must approach advertising strategies in a very different light — particularly with podcast marketing. As the CEO of BETA Consulting Group, Trey Griggs believes that podcasting helps newer logistics brands stand out from the pack. He suggests that podcasting is one of the best 3PL marketing strategies for establishing a digital presence, urging new brands to take advantage of its many opportunities and benefits. Below are three of his most cited reasons.

Building Your Network Through Podcast Marketing

Your network is your net worth, and worth its weight in gold. That’s one of the many reasons why podcasts are instrumental to early stage brand development. Not only will they help to grow and even thicken your existing network, but they will continue to find new leads and potential partnerships long into the future. Podcast audio is evergreen content that your transportation company cannot afford to lose.

Show audiences that you are an industry expert

Listeners want to know that information comes from a reliable source — and a podcast offers your brand the perfect opportunity to do just that. Try to organically develop content and episode titles that appeal to both humans and search engine robots. Additionally, hone in on your universal value preposition and create a winning strategy around what you know. Remember that you can use your podcasts to answer FAQs, especially if they have a high search volume on Google and other search engines.

Use an advertising agency to bring clarity

Podcast marketing isn’t the most complex digital strategy, but it’s not always easy to manage alone. You may need other professionals to help guide your hand in the beginning, including a branding company or advertising agency with years of experience in your niche. You may also need:

  • Marketing Consultants
  • A Podcast SEO consultant
  • Podcast logo design Consultants

Thankfully, all of these are available through the team at BETA Consulting Group.

Start your podcast marketing strategy with BETA Consulting Group

BETA Consulting Group is a unique marketing firm that specializes in branding, marketing, and advertising for logistics and transportation companies. Our mission is to bring out the best in the brands we serve, and create a holistic marketing strategy that works even while you sleep. If you’re interested in developing a podcast marketing strategy with a logistics marketing company in Wildwood, Missouri, don’t hesitate to call us directly at ‪(314) 514-5825. We look forward to serving you soon.

For more tips on building your brand with marketing consultants at BETA, be sure to catch an episode of our podcast, Standing Out.