BETA Consulting’s Charity Efforts: A Story of Brand Strategy Consulting

At BETA Consulting Group, we don’t just talk about brand strategy consulting, we embody it in our actions. The Word on the Street Podcast is a prime example of our community spirit and generosity. Our #StreetCrew consistently seeks ways to give back, and for host Trey Griggs, the ALS cause is particularly close to heart.

Brand Strategy Consulting: A Catalyst for Generosity

In 2013, Trey’s brother-in-law Todd Bullock and his family felt the harsh reality of ALS when his mother-in-law, Joan Suchar, was diagnosed with the disease. Todd’s experience showed us the steep financial implications of ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease with no known cure.

Applying Brand Strategy Consulting for a Cause

Home modifications, automobile alterations, communication devices — most of these expenses are not covered by insurance. Understandably, families often wish to spend their last moments together, possibly on vacation or simply at home, which adds further financial burden. You can find more about our journey in this storybrand marketing blog post.

Building a Strong Brand Through Charity

Faced with these daunting financial realities, we sought to raise money. However, Joan didn’t want her kids to bear that burden. After much discussion, she agreed, provided that the family continued supporting ALS patients after she was gone. Thus, the Suke Strong Foundation was born. Each year her children host a golf tournament that directly benefits ALS patients.

The Role of a Branding Company in Giving Back

At BETA Consulting Group, one of our core values is generosity. We constantly seek ways to embody this value, motivating others to engage in the practice of giving. Staying active and promoting good health are key principles for us. The Tough Mudder Charity Challenge embodies this philosophy, and it’s Trey’s way of supporting our commitment. Learn more about our impact as a branding company.

This year, our logistics marketing company focused on inviting transportation & logistics firms to participate. We were fortunate to have nine corporate sponsors and over 40 donors who combined to donate over $12,000. Contributions can still be made to ALS.

The Impact of a Brand Strategy Consulting Company

We’re so appreciative to the companies that supported us in surpassing our $10,000 goal. We’ll be back at it again for the 3rd Annual Tough Mudder Charity Challenge in St. Louis, Mo, on April 27, 2024, this time with a goal of $15,000. To learn more about our innovative 3pl marketing strategies, click on the link provided.

Brand Strategy Consulting: A Commitment to Making a Difference

Join us as we continue to make a difference, building a legacy of giving back while embodying the principles of brand strategy consulting. We are committed to our work as sales and marketing consultants,and we’re equally dedicated to our social responsibility efforts.

Brand Strategy Consulting: Sustaining the Legacy

Sustaining Joan’s legacy and giving back to the community are both integral parts of our brand strategy consulting model. These efforts help us maintain a solid foundation while providing the assistance ALS patients need. You can find out more about our brand consultant services and how we utilize them for societal good.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Logistics Marketing

Our partners played a crucial role in achieving this goal. Companies like Rockfarm St. Louis, Strategos Advisory Group,, AVRL, BWS Logistics, Matson Logistics, Truckstop, LogistIQ Insurance Solutions, and Edge Logistics joined us in our mission. You can learn more about our work in logistics marketing and how we integrate it with our CSR efforts.

Your Role in Our Brand Strategy Consulting Journey

Keep your eyes and ears open to join us in our next event. As we gear up for the 3rd Annual Tough Mudder Charity Challenge, we need your support to reach our new goal of $15,000. You can also explore more of our work in the realm of podcast marketing.

Brand Strategy Consulting: Looking Ahead

As we look ahead, we invite you to be part of our brand strategy consulting journey. From storybrand marketing to organizing charity events, we are committed to making a difference.

For more details on our initiatives and how you can contribute, contact us today.  Together, we can continue to shape our community positively and provide much-needed support to ALS patients.

Join our Storytelling Journey with Podcast Marketing

Looking to learn more about our vision and community outreach? We invite you to dive deep into our world of logistics, community-building, and business growth strategies. Explore our logistics marketing company’s Storytelling journey through Podcast Marketing on our YouTube channel. As we share our knowledge, passion, and vision with you, we hope to inspire you to join us in making a difference, one story at a time. Together, let’s learn, grow and contribute to a better future.