3 Ways To Support Your New 3PL, Suggestions From A Logistics Marketing Company

As the logistics and transportation industry is both complex and multifaceted, it’s important to support your early stage brand growth with as many tools as possible. Trey Griggs, Founder and CEO of BETA Consulting Group, understands this better than anyone. Working as a logistics marketing company, he has a great deal of experience employing 3PL marketing strategies. He was willing to share three of his most essential tenets of getting your transportation brand off the ground: discovering your UVP, focusing on communication, and outsourcing as necessary.

Find out what you’re great at and what the market needs

Founders do a lot of things that fall outside their strengths. This ends up being a time and energy suck, as well as a waste of valuable resources. Instead, you should focus on what you do best that no other company is/can offer. Really hone in on your sweet spot and build out from there. Above all, avoid being a generalist and stay within your realm of genius. Don’t be afraid to hire good help, especially marketing consultants.

Make sure to hire the right people for the job

Your new business is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, hiring team members who bring demonstrable value to your company is instrumental in the early days. Keep in mind that communication is the number one skill an employer should look for, especially hires with the ability to write. Writing often transposes into other aspects of work, including organization, speed, and in some cases, diplomacy.

Outsource or hire a logistics marketing company for help

A seasoned logistics marketing firm can help your business get on its feet during the earliest days of development. A few 3PL marketing strategies you may want to employ are:

  • Podcast Marketing
  • Logo Design
  • SEO Consultations

When you partner with the professionals at BETA Consulting Group, you’ll have access to all these things and more.

Choose BETA Consulting Group to kickstart your logistics marketing

BETA Consulting Group helps companies in the transportation and logistics space become a known and trusted brand. We focus on understanding your brand and core values from every possible angle, and help to build your internal and external messages, content creation, video testimonials, and lead generation strategies into a flywheel of success. If you’re interested in jumpstarting your new 3PL with a niche-specific branding company, give us a call at (314) 514-5825. We look forward to serving you soon.